Zimbra 6.0 Launch

Posted by:Gestion-Ressources
19 November 2009   8

As the first Zimbra partner in Quebec, Gestion-Ressources is proud to announce the launch of version 6.0 of the Zimbra collaboration suite. We feel that the new features that have been added to this version help to reinforce its position as the market-leading collaboration tool.
Simple, practical and efficient, these new options facilitate daily user tasks as well as administrative functions.

Fish-eye view

  • Fish-eye view in the Calendar
  • Three panel email display
  • Multiple and tabbed email editing
  • Email receipt confirmation
  • Filtering of received emails
  • Dedicated Zimlet tabs
  • Ability to directly add documents from the Zimbra Briefcase to emails
  • New Zimlets: Twitter, Facebook, Bloc notes

Our Zimbra Clients



  • Role-based administration
  • Multi-domain management
  • Disk-full warnings
  • Multiple rights management
  • New administrative tools
  • Management and viewing of Zmstat graphics

Mobile Devices


  • Deletion of all data in case of theft or loss
  • Zimbra user list searchable based on mobile device
  • Task synchronisation
  • Improvements to the standard interface
    • Create and modify contacts
    • Create events, meetings, etc...
    • Access to Tasks, Documents and Briefcase tabs
    • Ability to save searches

Funambol is a program that manages the synchronisation between mobile devices and business collaboration applications. As of 2009, more than 2 bllion mobile devices are compatible with Funambol, and this number continues to grow.

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