Posted by:Nicolas Legley
21 March 2016   108

To the delight of the Zimbra users, the list of available zimlets will be expanded with a new one, offering very exciting new features. Planned for the following weeks, ZIMBRA TALK will give you the opportunity to make video conferences, or chat with your contacts in the greatest simplicity.

Zimbra Talk extends Zimbra, the world’s most popular Open Source Collaboration platform, with full-featured text chat and video conferencing, allowing businesses to harness advanced communication technologies from within the communication tool they use the most - email. Zimbra Talk requires no additional software on the client side and enables one-to-one and one-to- many text and video communication right out of the box, in any modern web browser.

Moreover, Zimbra Talk requires no user configuration and provides automated contact population. It is a powerful solution that is incredibly easy to use.

Often, talking to someone in person is much more efficient than trying to explain a complex idea by email. But what if that person uses a different video chat client? Or none at all? Zimbra Talk removes that barrier and enables multi-party video conferencing right within Zimbra, requiring nothing more than a web browser.

Zimbra Talk is also the perfect tool for personal authentication. Using WebRTC technologies as a foundation, Zimbra Talk is both secure and reliable.